Below is a list of films programmed at FA's signature event - VisionFest.  They are FA-produced and/or member-created films that comprise a small, but prestigious sampling of the total body of FA work.


Dirty Mary (19 min.)
Directed by Stuart Rogers

Shut Me Up (4 min.)
Directed by Brad Jones

The Interview (4 min.)
Directed by Lisa Moncure

Guitar Players Girlfriend (16 min.)
Directed by Janet Harvey

American Infant (3 min.)
Directed by Eric Kurland

Each Finger Has an Attitude (4 min.)
Directed by Lisa Crook

Son Up  (23 min.)        
Directed by Andrew Shearer


Traces (5 min.)                                        
Directed by Claudia Leger

Photosynthesis (20 min.)                                
Directed by Paul Gyuro

Free Lunch (15 min.)                                
Directed by Chase Gordon

You Turned Back and Held My Hand (7 min.)        
Directed by Gabriela Tollman

Help me, Oprah (5 min.)                                
Directed by David Jackson Willis

Second Thoughts (10 min.)                        
Directed by David Woods

Dunes of Destiny (1 min.)                                
Directed by Curt Stewart

Transaction (14 min.)                                
Directed by  Jacques Thelemaque

Broadcast 23 (8 min.)                                
Directed by Tom Putnam


Tackle Box (13 min.)                 
Directed by Matthew Mebane

The Act (9 min.)                        
Directed by Pi Ware & Susan Kraker

Other People         (8 min.)                
Directed by Antony Berrios

The Wedge (3 min.)                
Directed by Curt Stewart

Birth of Industry (14 min.)                
Directed by Gabriela Tollman

Perfection (6 min.)                        
Directed by Karen Lin

Six and the City (10 min.)                
Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper

Tel Aviv (10 min.)                        
Directed by Richard Goldgewicht


Ecstatic (4 min.)        
Directed by David Knell

The Ends Of The Alphabet (9 min.)        
Directed by Eric Kurland

A Single Rose (19 min.)        
Directed by Hanelle Culpepper

Nightsweats (7 min.)        
Produced by Marc Aramian
Directed by Veronica DiPippo 

Alone (2 min.)        
Directed by Sean Hood

Infidelity In Equal Parts (8 min.)        
Directed by Jacques Thelemaque

Living In Walter's World (15 min.)        
Directed by Phil Kaufmann

The Vest (10 min.)        
Directed by Paul Gutrecht


High Expectations (7 min.)        
Directed by Jeanne Robinson and Vincent Spano

Ray and Jake (12 min.)        
Directed by Frankie Como

Lost Dog (16 min.)        
Directed by Deborah Lemen and Sandra Nelson Winkler

Pablo Ferro - Untitled (7 min.)        
Directed by Cain DeVore and Richard Goldgewicht

Mementoke (17 min.)        
Directed by Matt Nix and Alfredo Barrios, Jr.

Home (8 min.)        
Directed by Antony Berrios

True Love (6 min.)        
Directed by David Jackson Willis

Tony & Bobby (8 min.)        
Directed by Vincent Spano        


Kick It Around (Digidance 2002 Promo) (2 min.)
Directed By Gregory Lemkin

The Abduction (Commercial) (1 min.)
Produced by Dave Fennoy
Directed By Sandy Collora 

Love For Love (4 min.)
Directed By Bruce Coughran

Thanksgiving (4 min.)
Directed By Diane Gaidry

The Priests (10 min.)
Produced by Mindi White
Directed By James Napoli

What We Have (4 min.)
Directed By Paul Gutrecht

The Last Gunshot (24 min.)
Directed By Gabriela Tollman

The Disappearing Girl Trick (15 min.)
Directed By David Jackson Willis        

Is It Time To Swap? (5 min.)
Directed By Jerry Rapp and Daedulus Howell


Greenlight Yourself - FA promo  (1 min.)         
Directed by Jeff Orgill

Blue Miss Sunday (3 min.)        
Directed by Jeff Orgill

Egg (17 min.)        
Directed by Jacques Thelelmaque

Sweet (3 min.)        
Directed by Elyse Couvillion

Solomon Bernstein's Bathroom (20 min.)        
Produced by Dave Fennoy
Directed by Sandy Collora

Me and The Big Guy (10 min.)        
Directed by Matt Nix

Greetings From The Shore (8 min.)        
Directed by Jesica Bornemann

Fever Pitch (3 min.)                
Directed by Willard Morgan


Blue Rondo (7 min.)
Written, Produced and Directed by Richard Goldgewicht

IS20 (20 min.)
Written and Directed by Elyse Couvillion

The Remote (3 min.)
Written and Directed by Frank Chindamo

Across The Bridge (5 min.)
Directed by Sam Boyer

Hide and Seek (5 min.)
Written and Directed by Shawn Tolleson

Thaw (15 min.)
Written and Directed by Jeff Orgill

That Marino Thing (17 min.)
Produced and Directed by Frankie Como

Produced by Wendy DeRycke

The Ceremony
Produced By Rajia Baroudi
Directed by Kerry Hainey

Love, Life and Laundry
Directed by Stacie Isabella Turk


Love Without Socks (14 min.)
Written and Directed by Jacques Thelemaque

My Beautiful Me (10 min.)
Written and Directed by Pi Ware

's Teardrop (15 min.)
Written and Directed by Sean Hood

Mitzi and Joe (24 min.)
Written by Angela Lubbock and Cain Devore
Directed by Cain DeVore
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