Need a Producer?
For the fee of a single producer, FAP offers you a team of experienced producers. From concept to distribution we will guide the creation of your film and see it through completion and into distribution. Our team of producers has unrivaled experience in all aspects of the independent filmmaking process allowing you to make the film you want to make under-budget and on-schedule while realizing the film's greatest creative potential. And our filmmaking community and impressive filmmaking history will ensure that your completed film gets the attention it deserves in the marketplace.

Don't need a Producer, but need specific Production Services?
If you already have a producing team attached to your project, FAP provides a full menu of Production Services to support and/or complete the work of your team. Our services include Budgeting/Scheduling, Production Insurance, Casting Space Rental, Unions Liasoning, , Crewing, Editorial Services, Post Supervision, Festival Strategy/Management, Equipment Rental and more.

On a budget? Need Consultation and Support?
For those of you working at shoe-string budget levels and/or have a producing team already attached, FAP can maximize your budget dollars and minimize producing headaches with in-depth and comprehensive consultations covering all aspects of the filmmaking process. FAP works with a team of esteemed industry professionals who can provide the kind of insight and direction that will ensure that your film realizes its full potential - through production and out into the world. Consultations include Production Consultation, Creative Consultation, Marketing/Website Consultation, Festival Consultation, and Distribution Consultation.
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